What is Pagaio?

Focus on your business, not payment management! Whether your payments are daily, monthly, or longer, we've got you covered. Be flexible! Be limitless!

The flexibility of Pagaio allows you to manage anything from simple subscriptions to more complex subscriptions.
Pagaio was designed by developers who are e-commerce experts. With a robust platform and a high level of availability, it's the only solution you need!

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  • Subscription
  • Recurrence

Why should I try Pagaio?

With Pagaio, you retain control of your bank data. You can continue to use your payment platforms as usual: Stripe, Payzen, Paybox, Payline by Monext, GoCardless, etc.

The REST API allows you to use Pagaio from any e-commerce platform. (We even have a beta module for Magento.)
Once created, your subscriptions are never blocked. Evolution matters to us!
Pagaio allows for all of that. Managing payments has never been easier!

  • Secure
  • Highly configurable
  • Fits all recurrency types